BeltLine Master Plan

What is it? 

Completed in 2007, it addresses the land use, transportation, and park needs to encourage quality BeltLine development and positive neighborhood impacts. These plans were developed by the City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development with the input and review of Neighborhood residents. Combined, the ten plans form a comprehensive develop plan for the area along the 22 mile route, which is commonly referred to as the overlay.  

Why is it important? 

The Overlay helps to preserve the integrity of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor and improve the pedestrian and transit elements of new development. The BeltlLine Overlay Zoning District, contained in the Master Plan, is implemented as an overlay to the existing zoning classifications. There has been an ongoing effort to rezone specific parcels to align with the master plan since 2013.

What will I learn?

How the study was conducted, Goals and Planning for Land Use, Transportation, Parks along with Zoning recommendations. Divided by geographical regions.

Subarea 2 Master Plan  (PDF -17mb) - The subarea includes Adair Park, Capital View, Capital View Manor, Chosewood Park, High Point, Oakland City, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, and South Atlanta

Subarea 3 Master Plan (PDF -17mb) - The subarea includes Boulevard, McDonough, Atlanta, Cherokee, Englewood, and Hill Streets.

Subarea 4 Master Plan  (PDF -17mb) - This subarea is east of I-75/I-85 and bisected by I-20. It is bounded by DeKalb Avenue to the north, Moreland Avenue to the east, and Berne Street.  Includes the Leggett and Platt property