Atlanta/Beltline Streetcar System Plan

What is it? 

The Atlanta BeltLine/Atlanta Streetcar System Plan (SSP) was created to provide direction and guidance for the expansion of the Atlanta Streetcar system. It describes the routes and the four implementation phases of the streetcar project. In addition it also details the City’s strategy for integrating transit on the Atlanta BeltLine with crosstown streetcar corridors to achieve the goal of connecting the regional transit system and promoting economic development.

Why is it important? 

The SST presents the transit vision and planning for the BeltLine project and the City of Atlanta, it works in conjunction with the Subarea Master Plans to define a strategy that integrates transportation, development, affordable housing and land use.

What will I learn?

Lots of information! How previous plans and studies informed the vision and strategy, how the BeltLine Transit plan was integrated with the Atlanta Streetcar plan, Planning Principles and Processes used to design the system, projected Costs and potential sources of Funding, as well as the Development Strategy. Yup, it has maps of the routes! 

Atlanta BeltLine/Atlanta Streetcar System Plan (PDF - 9mb)